Product Care & Maintenance

Hayden TFO Fly Reel Care & Maintenance

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Spool & Frame Finish
Anodized aluminum reels are extremely corrosion resistant but should be rinsed with fresh water after exposure to saltwater to help protect them. Warm water and a toothbrush can be used to dissolve any salt buildup, which may be in the reel. Anti-corrosive products such as spray polishes, and oils etc. are not required, but may preserve the long-term aesthetics of the reel.

High quality grease, such as Cal's 2 Speed, should be periodically applied to:

  • The threads on the draw bar
  • All bearings
  • The spindle where it contacts the bearings within the spool

Drag Surface
Carbon Fiber drags do not require any lubricant, but a very thin coat of Cal's 2 Speed is beneficial.

Removing the Spool
Tools Required: None

Loosen the drag completely then turn the spool cap assembly (center of the spool) counter clockwise until the spool is free.

Reversing the Retrieve
Follow procedure above for removing the spool. Slide the carbon fiber drag assembly off of the spindle (310 & 340 models require the removal of an e-clip), slide the one-way roller bearing out of the drag assembly and rotate 180 degrees (blue on top for right hand retrieve). Re-assemble.

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