Deer Creek Series Switch Rods

Totally efficient delivery tools.

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Two handed rod designers Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser continue to expand the TFO Deer Creek series of fly rods with the introduction of the Deer Creek Switch Rod Series.

Bob Meiser has been in the forefront of popularizing and refining blank designs for the Switch Rod concept of fly rods since the mid 1990s. His expertise with this unique family of rods is well established within the two handed rod community. Bob’s original concept has been universally accepted over the past decade and teaming with Mike Kinney in design and application for these rods has now taken the concept to the next higher level. We have used our proprietary Axiom material lay-up process for these blanks. These are extremely light weight, durable, thoughtfully designed fly rods with superb performance … Best defined simply as: “Totally efficient delivery tools.”

What is a Switch Rod?
“Switch Rods” are multi-task fly rods specifically designed to allow a variety of both single and two handed caster options. The primary goal of the Switch Rod is to allow the caster the ability to achieve maximum targeted forward distance with the least amount of expended energy.


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Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Grain Weight Price
TF 04 110 4 DC SWITCH 4 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.5 200-400 grains $324.95
TF 05 110 4 DC SWITCH 5 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.55 250-450 grains $324.95
TF 06 110 4 DC SWITCH 6 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.65 300-500 grains $339.95
TF 07 110 4 DC SWITCH 7 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.0 350-550 grains $339.95
TF 08 110 4 DC SWITCH 8 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.25 400-600 grains $349.95
TF 09 110 4 DC SWITCH 9 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.6 500-700 grains $349.95