Years ago, Lefty Kreh explained his basis for rod design.  "There are three things we can emphasize in rod design at TFO........Presentation, Distance, and Lifting."  Presentation involves accuracy and the manner in which the fly and leader land on the water. Delicacy of presentation may not be a major factor when targeting a species like tuna but it can be all important when tempting trout in a gin-clear stream. Distance of course, refers to how far you can deliver your offering. In some situations this may matter little, in others it can spell the difference between success and failure. Finally, in the fish fighting phase the rod's primary function is related to its lifting power, a critical consideration when a big fish dogs you in the depths.

Of course, no one rod can perform each of these functions to its maximum potential. But at TFO our rod series are designed to handle virtually every kind of fishing scenario you are likely to encounter. By consulting the chart you can easily select a rod that features a mix of functions that is most suitable for the kind of fishing you'll be doing. You won't be disappointed.